Classes & Prices


We offer 2 types of classes here at House of Dance and they are divided into the following categories

  • 45 minute classes – Jr Hip Hop classes (Classes for children and youth)
  • 60-90 minute classes – Hip Hop Beginner, Girly Hip Hop, Hip Hop choreography

The prices are

  • 2095,- for Semestercard (Access to all classes and special discounts to workshops)
  • 1395,- for individual courses
  • 1295,- for Jr Hip Hop


With the semestercard, you are free to take any class that is offered at House of Dance (with exception of special classes) during the entire semester.

special classes = Closed rehearsals, Guest choreographers or age limited classes.

Semestercard is not for Jr Hip Hop classes.x



We offer a variety of classes at House of Dance. Here is a small description below of each of them. We point out that the style also varies depending on the difficulty level and the teacher.


HoD Hip Hop:

This is the type of style that you would see in music videos, concerts and on youtube. It is a very general hip hop genre that has evolve into what most people consider hip hop in our community. It is a fusion of styles and can have elements of popping, locking, jerking, dougie etc. and it depends on what the teacher uses in each individual choreography. Music use will also vary, but it will be mostly hip hop, rap and R&B

Teachers: Emilie Schei, Liam Pentland, Linn Jihe Park

PÅMELDING:      SANDNES SENTRUM (15+)                   LURA (8-10 klasse)


Jr Hip Hop:

This class is like any other hip hop class, but just for younger kids. The main focus in these classes is having fun while dancing and also learning your proper foundation in hip hop. A class for kids who want to move their bodies. We want all of our students to feel noticed and feel like they are accomplishing something.

Dette kurset vil ligne mest på hip hop new style. Forskjellen vil være at koreografiene som blir undervist vil være tilpasset en yngre aldersgruppe.

Vi har Jr Hip Hop kurs både på House of Dance og Bogafjellhallen. For mer informasjon om påmelding til kursene i Bogafjellhallen besøk:

Instruktører: Emilie Schei, Johanne Woie, Linn Jihe Park, Kristian Mora

PÅMELDING:       LURA (1-3 klasse)        BOGAFJELL (1-3 klasse)      SANDNES SENTRUM (1-3 klasse)    GANDDAL (1-3 klasse)

LURA (4-7 klassse)     BOGAFJELL (4-7 klasse)     SANDNES SENTRUM (4-7 klasse)    GANDDAL (4-7 klasse)

Hip Hop Girly / Heels

This class consists of feminine like movements that derivate from hip hop and street. It is not necessarily a style of its own from New Style, but the music, execution and delivery of the moments might be different. The style also depends largely on the choreographer. It is a common misconception that girly hip hop is all about shaking their hips and no coordination; this is not exactly accurate. Although shaking might be a part it is only a glimmer of such a diverse and expressive style. We will also work on dancing with grooves and feeling the music. The focus is more on dancing bigger and not necessarily small details.

Instruktør: Rebekka Stumpf


Open Class

Denne klassen er åpen for alle til å holde. Om du har massevis av erfaring eller kun ønsker å lære bort en koreografi som du har lagd. Det er ingen begrensninger på stil eller hva du ønsker å gjøre. Vi ønsker å skape en trygg arena der dansere kan få lov å prøve seg på å holde en klasse for å se om det er noe for dem eller ei. Ønsker du å holde en klasse? Send oss en melding!

Instruktør varierer fra uke til uke sammen med stil.