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Kristian Mora

One of the founders of the House of Dance, with a strong passion for dance. 

With a highly positive attitude he has arranged different happenings and events involving dance to bring people together. He is also the organizor of Urban Street Festival.

Kristian has travelled around the world and trained in New York and Los Angeles with top choreographer.

Kristian participated in the dance show Kidz in the years 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014 in addition to participating in various local projects with Sandnes, Bryne and Stavanger. In 2018 he organized House of Dance's first dance show, The Wizard of HOD, in Sandnes Kulturhus.

In addition to a strong hip hop background, Kristian also has experience with technique in Jazz, Modern and Ballet from his year at Vågen high school in Sandnes.


Rebekka Stumpf

Rebekka is our Girly teacher and a fantastic dancer from Germany.

Rebekka started dancing at L.U. Danceschool in Germany in 2009. She took classes in different styles like ballet, modern, jazz, tap dance and hip hop. After a while she started teacher there as well. She also became Luda Fischer's personal assistant (founder of L.U. Dance Würzburg). She was also part of the winning team in Starmove's Championship, L.U. Dance 2011.

In 2013, Rebekka traveled to LA on a study tour where she took classes at Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, Millenium Dance Complex and Movement Lifestyle with the best in the industry.

Rebekka first came to Norway June 2013, where she has been teaching classes at House of Dance, Sandnes Kulturhus and Steps Dancestudio. She has also been part of organizing and choreographing the KIDZ shows, and has set up Mysteriet på Stavangeren with Movimentum Dance Company.

Rebekka is activly taking classes and workshops around the world from LA to Europe, so she can give back to the dance community in Stavanger and Sandnes.

She is a great girl who knows how to teach and share dance with people. Her classes are a good combination between laughter and hard work.

Linn Jihe Park

Linn Jihe is our Jr hip hop, Fusion and Urban teacher and our smiley receptionist.

Linn Jihe has been dancing since she was little, but starting taking classes at Steps Dancestudio and Stavanger Dancecenter at age 12. At age 14 she and her friends started their own danceclasses for kids in the neighbourhood. Now she has over 10 years of experience with teaching kids.

Linn Jihe attended Lundehaugen/Vågen high school where she specialized in ballet, contemporary and jazz dance.

She has participated in different shows such as the KIDZ show and The Wizard of HoD, also working with Regional Arena for Samtidsdans (RAS) and Sandnes Kommune. She has also choreographed for Gosenrevyen and other school shows around Stavanger and Sandnes.

Linn Jihe has taken classes and workshops with top choreographers as Lyle Beniga, Shaun Evaristo, S**t Kingz, Kerrie Milne and Caetlyn Watson. She has trained at various studios and camps such as One Million Dance Studio in Korea and Take Flight Intensive Camp in Ireland.

Her classes are filled with lots of energy, challenges, cool moves and she also likes finding new ways of doing old things.



Hoang Vy Le

Vy is our lively Fusion teacher.

Vy started dancing in 2009. She got introduced for both modern, jazz and hip hop at Steps dance studio in Stavanger, and also hip hop at House of Dance in Sandnes.

In October 2014 she participated in KIDZ's dance show "KIDZ presents THE JOURNEY 2014" in Western Norway. After the show, she became a member of Reloaded, where she contributed "Reloaded Evolution 2015" and "Reloaded The Last Chapter 2016".

Vy attended Vågen Upper Secondary School in Sandnes, specializing in dance, and was active in Vågen Dance Company 2015-16. She joined Spin Off Pre-Studies in Dance in Oslo in 2016, where she impressed the judges of Radix Dance Crew at the audition the same year.

Currently, Vy is studying at the University of Stavanger where she taking her Bachelor in Dance.

Liam Pentland

Liam is our talented Academy and aDvANCE teacher.

Born and raised in Manchester, UK and received dance education from The Hammond School of Dance. Liam has participated in a number of productions in Europe and had workshops in Italy, Poland and around Norway.

He has also participated in local productions, including 'Mystery at Stavanger' and 'Grand Dinner Show' in Egersund.

Liam has a great passion for music and a very wide musicality. He is very fond of the dynamics of his dance and is always ready for a challenge. His lessons are taught in English.


Matthew Sritip

Matthew is our positive and happy Urban teacher.

Matthew started dancing at the age of 15 with friends. When the studio started, he quickly joined the House of Dance talent group, 'Academy'. He has been a part of several dance productions, such as KIDZ and Reloaded.

Matthew formed the danceteam 'So Fly Crew’, and has organized several dance shows such as ‘So Fly presents The Journey’, and "The Great Voyage of So Fly".

He has been teaching 5 years in studios like House of Dance, So'Fly Studio and Steps Dancestudio. Matthew has taken classes and workshops in LA, England and Ireland. He attended the RichFam auditions and got to top 10 two years in a row. He also attended the RichFam Elite workshop and have trained with top choreographers all over the world.

Matthew's classes have a slightly greater focus on choreography, and how to work with your pick up rate. But at the same time also challenge students to explore their own body and listen to the music. Join a cool class, with a relaxed mood.

Ela osiejewska

Meet our Grooves, Girly, Academy and aDvANCE teacher, Ela.
She is a hard working, talented dancer, choreographer and teacher from Poland.

She began her career in 2006 in Fair Play Studio and after moving to Katowice in 2010 she became a co-owner and artistic director of YOUCANDOIT Dance Studio, where as a mentor she raised a big group of highly skilled and hungry young teachers and dancers. She conducts regular classes and workshops in major Polish cities and abroad (Studio 68 in London, Studio 25 in Manchester, Norway and Italy) and she is constantly developing her skills at numerous workshops in Europe and Los Angeles (including six months of training in Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, Millenium Dance Complex, Movement Lifestyle) .

Since she started her teaching career, her focus was on creating a fun-trust worthy environment where dancers can grow into better versions of themselves, learning values and work ethic they can use in the future in dance and also in other industries. As proof of her strong connection with this craft, in 2015 she became one of the winners of MAJ Program auditions, chosen among teachers from all over the world. She also had a pleasure of assisting Candace Brown and Rob Rich during their workshops in Poland. Her other credits include: Carnival (LA), Incrowd (LA), Dancers Delight UK, MTV Poland, Tony Tzar, Mercedes Benz, Moroshophus, AVON, Procter&Gamble and many more.

Her classes will make you challenge yourself both mentally and physically. With either fun groovy moves or sassy girly steps, you will learn how to be a mover and a performer.


Quyen Nguyen

House of Dance


AT THE HOUSE OF DANCE WE LIKE TO BE SOCIABLE & SHARE ALL THE EXCITING STUFF HAPPENING AT THE STUDIOS! THERE'S ALWAYS LOADS OF COOL THINGS HAPPENING, CHECK OUT THE LATEST BELOW... arrangerer en GRATIS danseklasse med flotte @linnjihe førstkommende søndag! Vi ønsker at flest mulig skal bli med i alle aldre så bli med og ta utfordringen! Det blir en kjempe kjekk opplevelse som vi anbefaler på det sterkeste! #thecore #thecoredancestudio ...

Vi starter opp denne uken! GRATIS PRØVETIMER FOR ALLE! Vi gleder oss stort! ...

Har du lyst å bli med? 😁 ...

Endelig er de tilbake!!
Vi avslutter dette semesteret med et smell💥
3 danseklasser med 3 forskjellige koreografer!
They are finally back!!
We are finishing this semester with a bang💥
3 classes with 3 different choreographers! .
• Hip hop / choreography
• Contemporary
• Dancehall

Saturday 18.05.19
Kl 12.00 - 16.00

@anitkasawicka @simbafp2 @wojtasoo
Sign up —> @nextgenlc

Vi gleder oss til å vise hva vi har jobbet med dette vårsemesteret! Bli med oss på en fargerik fortelling på Sola Kulturhus💥
#hodshow #houseofdance #sandnes #norway #sola

Have you gotten your tickets yet?👀
The show is THIS WEEKEND at Sola Kulturhus🔥

Saturday 04.05.19
Sunday 05.05.19

House of Dance presenterer
Lørdag 4 mai
Kl 19.00
Søndag 5 mai
Kl 18.00

Vi gleder oss utrolig mye til helgen, for da står vi på scenen i Sola Kulturhus💃🏻
Vi byr på spennende dans med fantastiske elever i alle aldre. Dette blir en danseforestilling om hvordan det er å være ny på skolen, og hvordan det føles å måtte passe inn. Kjenner du deg kanskje igjen?👀 Bli med på et fargerikt show med både elever og lærere i ulike dansesjangere 🎺
Håper vi ser DEG i salen!
Link til billetter i bio!

#hodshow #colors #sandnes #norway

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