HoD Barnedans

We finally have dance classes for the youngest mini dancers. We are starting the class today Monday February 19th and there are free trial classes today! So come through and bring your child and lets dance!

For more information, check out the poster.

House of Dance

Hi and welcome to House of Dance!

We are a dance collective mainly situated in Sandnes and offer different dance classes for children and teens in the suburbs in Sandnes as well as in sentrum. We also do bookings for performances, workshops etc.

On the website you can find more about the classes we offer, where they are located, a little information about our teachers and other relevant information.

Check out our schedule and let us know if you have any questions.

House of Dance

Siblings discount

Starting 2018, we are introducing to new programs that hopefully will motivate even more to dance!

  • Siblings discount: We believe in the value of family and that is why we think its great when brothers and sisters go to class together. That is why we are offering a siblings discount of 15% This applies to the siblings signing up for the class.

Please contact us for any of these offers BEFORE you sign up.

House of Dance

Spring Semester 2018

Hi and welcome to the spring semester 2018! We are all very excited to start dancing with everyone again og hope many want to keep going and a lot of new faces want to join us!

As some of you may have noticed, we have a completely new website and everything is on track, but we ask for your patience if there are some minor bumps. We also have upgraded to a multilingual website which allows for some ‘funny’ translations, but we are working with them.

Please contact us if you have any questions

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